Aug 20, 2020

Infection Prevention: Janitorial Companies Best Practices

Cleaning businesses and janitorial companies have always been on the frontlines of making sure workspaces are sanitized and safe to work in. But with the spread of COVID-19 this year, janitorial companies have faced an unprecedented challenge. While all janitorial services operate with their own set of cleaning standards, extra guidance from the CDC has been promoted in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus among cleaning crews.

Cleaning service requests are pouring in as businesses and households try to limit exposure to the virus and prevent further infection. As cleaning businesses work to meet the demands and changing needs of new and current customers, they must also prepare for new liabilities brought on by COVID-19.

Here are some practical steps that janitorial services can take in order to avoid potential pitfalls.

Stick to the Right Products and Processes

The right resources, techniques, and training help protect janitorial companies from spreading infection. Testing out new methods might end up backfiring and causing potential harm to clients and employees. If a janitorial services company isn’t careful, it could easily damage surfaces when using chemical agents that aren’t familiar.

This also helps to limit liability against a janitorial services company. For example, if certain chemicals damage a client’s multimillion-dollar home, a general liability policy may not cover the costs. Using the tried and true methods and products to clean homes and offices should still be used.

Don’t Advertise COVID-19 Cleaning Cures

While scientists race to find a vaccine for the virus, cleaning companies should keep from advertising that they can rid their clients of all virus traits. If a company advertises that it can sanitize a location but fails to remove the virus and, in turn, spreads it, it could be sued or found liable. A general liability policy might not cover the costs of related damage.

Protect Workers from Exposure

Janitorial services should always put their employees’ safety as a priority. But with a virus still making its way throughout the country, emphasizing protecting employees is paramount. To help protect employees, janitorial services should take these steps:

  • Outfit Employees with the Right Gear: Depending on the job and the possibility of exposure, this may include hand sanitizer, eye protection, masks, gloves, and more.
  • Use the Right Disinfectants: While reported that the virus is easily killed, COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for days. Companies should use cleaning products from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list of effective disinfectants to limit the potential for exposure.
  • Provide Proper Training: Janitorial services should make sure employees know the chemicals they’re using and what to do if they get them on their skin or in their eyes.

Cleaning has always been a dangerous occupation as employees work face-to-face with germs every day. But with a virus that has its own agenda, taking extra precautions and knowing how to lead and support employees while effectively looking out for their safety is key to limiting the spread and protecting business operations.

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