Tangram Solves Broker Challenge and Builds a Multimillion Dollar Program


How We Started

An independent retail broker in California was successfully building a social services practice. With a fast-growing client base, they were quickly becoming the specialist brokerage for non-profit organizations with insurance and risk management needs.


What We Faced

Their clients included tough-to-place risks like group homes for at risk youth, substance abuse centers and urban shelters. And just when the needs of their clients were expanding, it became increasingly difficult to find good solutions. There were not many social services-focused programs, and most did not understand the unique challenges and the important missions of these organizations. The insurance pricing was erratic and the services were not meaningful. The insurance industry was not getting it right.


How We Partnered to Overcome and Succeed

This retail broker partnered with Tangram to form a specialized social services insurance program. It was a perfect marriage between a broker with a specialized book of business and Tangram, who had the expertise to build an underwriting team along with custom insurance and business solutions to address the needs of the social service industry.

Tangram empowered our broker partner to:

  • Robustly grow over the long term in the nonprofit social services space and expand nationally with Tangram as a trusted program manager
  • Pioneer a specialized approach where pricing was specific to the type of organization

Today our social services program has grown exponentially and our founding partner continues to be a powerhouse in the space. Tangram is active in 45 states and we are one of the largest social services program managers in the country, proudly serving this industry for two decades.


In the nearly 20 years we have worked with Tangram, they have been one of our most trusted partners. Tangram’s commitment to the social services community has allowed us to serve thousands of social services clients, offering them a top-notch solution. We have complete confidence in their team of specialists, and having access to this program is a definitive advantage for both our clients and our firm.”

Melissa Cerny

President, Chapman Insurance, a division of Arthur J Gallagher