Tangram prides itself on understanding the various complexities that face our various program business. While operating in this ever-changing environment, it is critical to partner with an insurance team that is knowledgeable about the exposures in each program space and can provide the necessary support so our clients can focus on the important work and services they provide in our society. We have a breadth of offerings to support your organization on the journey to create a sounder work environment.

Streaming video allows you to access video-based training programs quickly and easily via the internet. Safety Source is a convenient way to access video training content on-demand, without having to maintain a physical DVD library. With access to over 500 training topics, streaming video is an excellent way to deliver video training to your workforce. Only a single account (the “administrator”) is required – Our vendor, Safety Source, will provide an auto-login link that can be accessed by all locations without needing any login information.

Frequently utilized trainings include:


  • Back injury prevention
  • Driver safety & training
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Fire safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Sexual harassment
  • HR & Supervisory training