Helping Business Owners Control Their Total Cost of Risk

Faced with rising rates, increased policy restrictions, and being grouped with a pool of thousands of companies, many business owners are looking for ways to take control of their insurance program. In the Bodega Insurance Program, underwriting profits are returned to an insured company when its loss experience is better than expected. Annual premiums are based on the insured’s actual results and calculated to precisely fund the individual insured’s expected losses, so business owners are not beholden to the whims of market cycles.

The Bodega Insurance Program is a member-owned group captive offered exclusively through Tangram and by invitation only.

Program Available for Businesses With:

  • Nationwide, annualized workers’ compensation premiums greater than $200,000
  • Commitment to loss control and risk management, including active participation by management
  • Five-year historical loss ratio of 60% or less
  • Privately held organizations, in good financial standing
  • Preferred Classes (including, but not limited to): retail/wholesale; light manufacturing; printing/publishing; service and hospitality; property management/habitational; and certain contracting classes
  • See restrictions below

Coverages Available

Workers’ compensation


  • Ultimate control and ownership of your insurance program
  • Ability to share in insurance savings and investment income
  • Year-over-year premium stability
  • Participate with other best in class businesses

Program Not Available For:

  • Staffing & PEOs
  • Trucking or livery
  • Municipalities
  • Nursing homes and home healthcare
  • Social service risks (risks with exposure to physical violence issues including group homes, crisis centers, shelters and halfway houses)
  • General contractors and/or heavy construction

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