May 13, 2021

Workers Compensation for Tough Social Service Risks

Category: Social Services

Workers Compensation | Tough Social Service Risks

Tangram offers workers compensation on a variety of social service organizations, including the tough stuff. While critical in serving our communities, these organizations can present challenges from a risk perspective. Our team understands their complexities and needs and will deliver meaningful workers compensation solutions with confidence.

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The Tough Stuff

  • Developmentally Disabled Services
  • Group Homes for Kids
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Substance Abuse Centers
  • Transitional and Emergency Shelters

The Tangram Advantage

  • Select broker network
  • Competitive commission
  • Exclusive carrier partner
  • Writing workers comp in all states
  • All size accounts, all ex-mods
  • In house risk management resources
  • Nurse triage services
  • Dedicated claims adjusters