Apr 30, 2020

Accident Prevention for Fuel Retailers

Every job site and industry comes with its own share of potential accidents and missteps, resulting in a wide range of potential financial and physical loss. But when it comes to fuel retailers, the potential for dangerous accidents is higher than other industries.

Fuel retailers should be sure to review their safety and accident prevention measures on a regular basis. This will help to keep not only employees safe but anyone in the vicinity, which can include customers who could end up filing a costly claim.

Here are some tips for fuel retailers when it comes to preserving safety and physical integrity.

Ensuring Safety

When it comes to putting safety to work, for retailers, they can take a number of steps for to prevent accidents and keep everyone as safe as possible. First, trucks should be parked so that they are not obstructing traffic coming in or exiting the parking lot or keeping cars from accessing gas pumps. Truck drivers should also make sure they are not creating an obstructed view of the road, increasing chances of a car accident.

When it comes to spills and contamination, fuel drivers should be informed to hook up a drop gun to the tank, then attach the hose to the drop gun before connecting it to the truck. This will not only keep employees safe, but commuters as well.

Employees at a retailer should also be sure to keep their grounds as clean and claim-free as possible. When cleaning, be sure to have signs out indicating wet floors to keep slip and fall accidents from occurring. Bathrooms should always be cleaned on a regular basis and the grounds outside the retailer should be kept as clean as possible in order to limit any potential for accidents.

What to Do if Employees Are Injured at Work

Whether it’s a slip and fall case or accident related to operating heavy machinery, a fuel retailer needs to have a system in place for reporting an issue. This first report should be sent to a location’s Fuel Retailer Coverage insurer, such as Tangram. Tangram’s Fuel Retailer Coverage program covers losses related to onsite retailer injury by providing resources and helpful information on how to handle incidents.

A report of an injury should be filled out by the insured, supervisor or Fuel Retailer Coverage agent and signed when the insured has knowledge of an injury, when the employee alleges an injury occurred at work, or within 24 hours of a death that a survivor alleges to have been caused as a result of the employment.

In a report, there should be special attention given to gross wages, dependents, and all dates of missed work due to the reported injury. An employer is also obligated to obtain medical services and supplies to treat an injury. If medical care is selected, employees should be informed of this by posting relative information about designated medical providers.

What to Do if Someone is Injured Onsite

While fuel retailers have a duty to create a safe place for their employees to operate, they should be sharing their efforts by also focusing on the safety of customers and other bystanders.

If someone suffers some type of injury at a retailer location, they have it within their rights to bring a claim against that retailer. And while having Fuel Retailer Coverage can help to protect against these claims, being proactive to prevent accidents should be made a priority.

If someone is injured, 911 should be called to have medical attention attend the injured party’s needs. Information from the injured person should be gathered, such as full name, address, and telephone number. The area of the incident should be inspected to determine the location and cause of the incident.

An accident report should then be filled out and photos should be taken if necessary. The incident should then be reported to the insurance provider in which any documentation should be submitted as well.

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