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As an appointed Tangram broker, you can begin submitting your Artisan Contractors Workers Compensation accounts to us. The information you need, including submission requirements, applications and contacts, is right here for you to access. Our staff is available to help you with any inquiries or requests you may have. We want to make the entire insurance process easy for you so that you can readily meet your clients’ needs.

Submission Requirements

Please complete Applications and send to:
To request Loss Runs:
To request Policies/Endorsements:

Our Program Team

Our staff, located throughout the country for your convenience, is ready to help you with underwriting and marketing support.

Marketing Resources

We’ve created at a glance flyer for our Artisan Contractors program you can share with your staff as well as a Tangram Program Guide for an overview of all our programs and products.

Ready to Learn More?

Located across the Golden Gate Bridge, just outside of San Francisco, Tangram is a full-service Managing General Underwriter and Program Manager offering specialty programs. We focus on industry-relevant coverage, competitive pricing, and practical business and risk management solutions for your clients. Since we are not all things to all people, we make sure to create outstanding custom-built solutions that matter to those businesses, and the brokers who serve those industries.

Every day we work on making life easier for you. Whether it’s the submission process, delivering quotes, or servicing accounts – we are determined to break new ground. We are constantly building so we can constantly help you build.

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