Jun 25, 2020

The Importance of an Experienced Workers’ Comp Partner

For most social service organizations throughout the United States, workers’ compensation insurance is a must, especially when working with various people on a daily basis. With this in mind, it’s important for social service clients to choose an insurance provider that can work with them on finding the right workers’ compensation benefits. And now that COVID-19 has made its way through the country, affecting people gathered in nursing homes and group homes, workers’ comp claims have evolved from traditional risks like slips, falls and cuts to more severe illnesses sustained during work hours.

The decision to move ahead with a workers comp provider should be straightforward, but at times it can prove to be difficult. The purpose of workers’ compensation is simple, however: to protect social service staff members and their employers. This no-fault coverage provides what’s needed for medical treatment for an injured party. It can also provide reimbursement for lost wages if they’re unable to return to work during recovery.

Every workers’ compensation provider must conform to state statutes on terms of coverage, limits of liability and benefits. To this degree, clients will get the same insurance policy from any company they choose. After that, however, there are many variables that can determine the value they get for the premium they pay.

With all this considered, it’s important for social service clients and insurance providers alike to know why experienced coverage is needed to provide comprehensive protection.

Building Trust

Most business owners work with an agent to choose the best workers’ compensation provider. An agent can help lay the groundwork to have a good working relationship with a workers’ compensation insurance provider. A client should be going into a discussion with an agent and provider with an idea of what they’re looking for in a workers’ compensation partner.

A good way that social service clients can reduce their workers comp premium is to reduce injuries and effectively manage claims, and the insurance provider’s goal should be to achieve those tasks. For that kind of trust to be implemented, an insurance company should have ample expertise in workers’ comp claims.

A specialized insurance provider should work to save a client money in the long run. Experts at an insurance company should understand the region’s workers comp laws and be better equipped to avoid lawsuits and other potential costs associated with workplace incidents.

Safety Resources and Support

Workers’ comp carriers should share a goal of keeping employees safe at work with the client. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to prevent injuries in the first place instead of having to deal with all the consequences of an unsafe work environment that presents a number of unique risks, such as injuries sustained while working with patients.

Workers’ comp insurance providers should be operating with tools and resources to highlight and uphold safety in their clients. From sample safety policies to posters to display in a workplace to multimedia that’s educational, workers’ comp providers can cover all the bases.

When it comes to support services, a valuable carrier will provide access to a specialized safety and risk management outfit. Just like customer service, this team should be easy to reach if clients have questions about safety at their company or in their industry. Support services should include a support center phone line, in-field safety professionals who visit workplaces, and personalized insight.

Money-Saving Endorsements

In addition to in-house programs, a carrier should be able to offer endorsements through third parties that can help improve overall safety and save more money over time. One example is Post Offer Employment Testing (POER), which can help determine if a prospective employee is physically capable of performing a specific job.

No matter the method, workers’ compensation insurance companies should take a well-rounded approach to serving their social services clients. Through a number of efficient and hands-on services, workers’ comp companies can build trusting relationships with the social services clients to limit major claims and keep injuries low.

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