Mar 13, 2020

Reducing Propane Retailer Risk with Hazmat Training

As the weather starts to warm up and the ice starts to thaw, propane companies will start to see a slowing in their busy winter delivery season. And while the business will continue, it gives dealers the perfect opportunity to assess their training and safety requirements. Reducing propane retailer risk can be kicked off with hazmat training.

Reducing Propane Gas Accidents

In most cases, propane gas accidents occur due to the negligence of an individual that caused a propane gas tank to leak, resulting in a major fire or explosion. If an improperly stored tank is mishandled, it can end up exploding, causing injury or even death. Any victims who were injured during an explosion can seek damages against the propane retailer who failed to store the tank properly.

In some situations, it is not necessarily an individual who was responsible for the propane accident, but the incident was a result of the failure of the distributor of the propane. If the manufacturer, for example, sold a tank that had defective gas connectors, they can be held liable for injuries.

Propane Retailer Risk

For retailers looking to stay protected against these kinds of claims, they can invest in propane dealer insurance, a specifically designed program that can provide the resources to pay for legal defense or payout claims to those who were injured. Having Propane Retailer Liability will provide peace of mind for retailers looking to keep their reputation intact and limit risks and exposures to themselves and their customers.

Who is Required to Have Hazmat Training?

Any and all employees who handle propane tanks at a retailer are subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) training. This includes everyone from customer service to delivery drivers to service technicians. Anyone who handles, loads or unloads hazmat should be educated in this training.

What’s more, supervisors who don’t typically handle the materials should still be regularly trained in this area to make sure they are current on all regulations and risks.

What is Included in Training?

Hazmat training can help familiarize employees with regulations and educate them on specific job functions. The training also helps to provide emergency response and preventative training while also identifying ways to enhance security and teach company-specific security objectives.

These training sessions should focus on general awareness and familiarization, function-specific methods, security awareness, and safety.

Any qualifying individual, as mentioned above, should be trained in propane hazmat regulations within 90 days of being hired by a propane retailer or manufacturer. Any new employees who have not yet received training should not be allowed to work unsupervised.

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