Mar 12, 2019

Make 2019 A Year Of Massive Action

By Rekha Skantharaja Schipper, CEO

We have all heard the advice around goal setting. Start with something small, achieve it and you’ll feel victorious and motivated to pursue bigger goals. And in January, we see evidence of this all around us. Start by hitting the gym just once a week, make 10 more sales calls than you did the week before, and hit just one more networking event a month

But what if there isn’t time for small changes? What if your life, your family, your company – demanded massive action leading to monumental progress and transformation? We are talking about the intense, focused and persistent effort to generate a forward momentum that is unstoppable.

There has been a proliferation of podcasts, articles and blogs around this concept of thinking bigger and reaching farther. And it’s something I’ve been pondering over the past few months. As we sit inside of Q1 2019, I have started to rally the team around massive action. And to light the match, I set a 10 year target so audacious, that it forces each one of us to personally step into a mental and intellectual space we have likely never been before.

Small steps leading to bigger change is certainly one way to go. But it’s not going to propel an extraordinary leap towards an audacious vision for your life or your Company. At Tangram, we are reaching for the ranks of extraordinary, even if it only exists as an aspiration today. And if this resonates with you, I encourage you to set that audacious goal and run towards it with relentlessness and urgency.

To find out how Tangram is making 2019 a year of massive action, stay tuned. You can check out our progress at where you will find information on new programs, new leaders and new initiatives.  And we are just getting started.