Feb 17, 2021

Janitorial Training for COVID Prevention

If it’s been a while since your janitorial insurance clients updated their training, now might be the time to talk with them about revamping their training materials to aid in COVID-19 prevention efforts. As their insurance agent, you can help your clients understand that the better their janitorial standards, the healthier working their environment will be and the more they can avoid incidents that could result in adverse and costly insurance claims against them. Take a look at some of the janitorial training ideas your clients may want to adopt.

Ensure Janitors Understand COVID Definitions and Essential Prevention Techniques

The first step to ensuring good janitorial training is to include important COVID definitions of terms and ensure all janitors are aware of the essential prevention techniques, like sanitizing surfaces after use. In their training, make sure your clients include important items like:

  • Teaching terms such as social distancing
  • Teaching quick yet effective sanitation techniques
  • Having a professional come in to demonstrate basic techniques if necessary
  • Familiarizing staff with essential supplies and the functions of each one

Post a Thorough Checklist for Regular Deep Cleaning

No matter how many janitors your client employs, it’s impossible for any one person to remember a long list of items that need to be cleaned by memory. Rather than leaning on staff to memorize cleaning procedures, have your client type up and print out all the necessary steps to hand out to staff. These checklists can be posted in prominent places throughout the workplace, such as bathrooms, and can act as a reliable guide for your clients’ workers to follow to ensure they don’t overlook anything in their deep-cleaning sessions.

Keep Equipment in Good Shape and Review Cleaning Policies Frequently

Equipment that hasn’t been cleaned out in a while isn’t just at risk of slowing down and not working properly – it could be a serious health hazard! Ensure your clients’ janitors have a regular cleaning schedule for keeping all equipment in good shape and wiping down other materials as necessary. It may also be a good idea for your client to review their cleaning policies frequently since COVID guidelines can change often, and it’s important to keep up with the latest safety standards.

Janitorial training is essential to help your clients keep their facilities clean, meet COVID-19 safety regulations, and help keep all workers safe and healthy. If your client hasn’t updated their training standards in a while, now could be the perfect time to talk with them about taking these additional measures for COVID prevention that could help them avoid costly janitorial insurance claims future. Use this list as a starting point!

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