May 07, 2020

Janitorial Businesses Boom Amid COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, some industries are scrambling to find ways to survive the major toll the virus has taken on the U.S. economy. But for the janitorial and cleaning services industry, business has never been better.

Across the U.S., janitorial businesses have been thriving during COVID-19. These businesses are not only working with their regular customers but are being hired on to disinfect everything from city parks to classrooms as local governments and school boards are in major need of these additional services to keep up with state and federally mandated safety protocols.

Cleaning service companies use disinfectant spray along with thermal heat treatments and purifiers to rid the area around them of germs for up to 90 days. And since the germs related to COVID-19 can last on surfaces for anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks, utilizing janitorial and cleaning services is now more important than ever.

Turning A Profit During COVID-19

Even though the virus has been slowing and businesses and classrooms and nursing homes will open back up in full force soon enough, there is arguably a new normal surrounding cleanliness. While janitorial services are seeing more business in the present, moving forward they’re expected to see continued growth as rules and regulations around social distancing and cleanliness are expected to be stricter.

For customers of janitorial and cleaning services, this is now the new normal and the new standard expectation. This means that janitorial companies can expect to see steady growth for the foreseeable future and the potential for gaining new customers in various industries.

Staying Safe Moving Forward

For these businesses, gaining more clients and seeing growth in work may only sound like a good thing. But with more work comes more potential for risks to reveal themselves depending on the situation.

Janitorial companies need to be vigilant about operating with the same standards they used before the outbreak. Phones may be ringing off the hook and jobs may be lining up, but this is no excuse to cut corners on cleaning tasks. This could potentially lead to major legal problems, especially since no one knows exactly how COVID-19 will affect the liability landscape.

Having Janitorial insurance can help cleaning service companies avoid major fines and legal troubles if and when they arise. While making sure all cleaning projects are executed with the same high level of care as other projects is a start, having specialized Janitorial coverage can provide peace of mind in a time where having peace of mind is highly desired.

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