Dec 10, 2020

How Can Janitorial Businesses Earn Healthcare Contracts?

Cleaning contracts are the lifeblood of the janitorial service industry. Winning healthcare contracts is highly competitive and understandably so, as these organizations are competitive, and it’s in their best interest to hire long-term contractors.

Healthcare facilities have reasonably high standards for cleanliness and expect their contracted cleaning services teams to meet their needs. And now that COVID-19 is present, only the best janitorial services are hired with healthcare organizations.

Read below for tips on how janitorial services can better position themselves to earn healthcare contracts.

Background Information

Because healthcare facilities handle so much personal and private information, cleaning services need to hire staff with clean criminal backgrounds. While janitors focus their efforts on cleaning, they can also contact highly sensitive health and patient information. Hiring members who have less than stellar backgrounds could be a red flag for potential healthcare organization partners.


Like clean backgrounds, having reliable references is always an excellent way to stand out from the competition. Clients looking to gain contracts should include information on references to supply glowing reviews of their past work. Even if a janitorial team doesn’t have experience cleaning healthcare facilities, they can still position themselves well enough with their reputation as a trusted cleaning source. 

Have the Right Training

Bloodborne pathogen training from OSHA is a crucial component to have when trying to attract new contracts with healthcare facilities. The bloodborne pathogen standard concerns blood management, sharp needles, and other hazardous bodily fluids to anyone in contact. Keeping employees aware of the dangers and risks of working in this environment with these hazards is essential.

Updated Insurance

Depending on where a client is making a bid for a contract, they may have to maintain certain business insurance levels. This includes anything from liability coverage to janitorial insurance that can specifically protect cleaning crews when they find themselves in the middle of a claim, such as alleged theft or slip and fall accidents. Chances are, a responsible healthcare facility management team will want to see proof of janitorial insurance before they sign a janitorial crew, so they should include it in their initial packet of information.

Document Testing During COVID-19

Now more than ever, team members need to be as healthy and responsible as possible. Cleaning crews need to provide regular COVID-19 testing for everyone and produce those results for the healthcare organization they work for. Keeping a record of testing and results can show that janitorial teams are taking this pandemic seriously and looking to limit exposure to those around them.

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