Apr 25, 2019

How Artisan Contractors Can Stay Safe on the Job

Artisan contractors face plenty of risks and dangers every day on the job. HVAC contractors, power professionals, and plumbing contractors face numerous risks that can occur any time, any day and on any project, that’s why it’s important for artisan employees to know how to stay safe through practicing accountability and investing in the right kind of insurance.

It’s important that artisan contractor workers’ compensation insurance is invested in as well as different safety tips to keep everyone safe on the job. Here’s a better look at this kind of insurance coverage as well as ways to ensure better safety and well-being on work sites.

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation Coverage

As an artisan contractor and business owner, workers’ compensation should be purchased to make sure that overall health is ensured. It’s usually a requirement if artisan contractors employ three or ore employees, and some general contractors may only hire independent artisan contractors who show proof of workers’ compensation.

With the toll that repetitive motion places on artisan contractors given the nature of their work, as well as the dangers associated with operating heavy machinery, and the vulnerability of being exposed to hazards, workers’ compensation is a safety blanket that these professionals can rely on for peace of mind.

It typically covers:

  • A portion of an employee’s wages until they are able to return to work
  • Costs of ongoing care including rehabilitation
  • Medical expenses that are necessary to treat injuries

Safety Tips for Artisan Contractors

  • Look out for weather: Weather can be a major risk factor for contractors on the job. Some seasonal weather, such as winter storms or summer rains, aren’t safe to work in no matter the precautions. Contractors should check the weather before heading out to a job site as no one wants to be caught working in a major thunderstorm or blizzard. If the weather is expected to take a bad turn, it may be best to hold off on work.
  • Prepare the site: Before work is started on a site, supervisors and those in charge of making decisions should check for any new hazards that may have shown up overnight. While this may be a rarity, giving the site a once-over to make sure there are no new issues that can be a risk to any employee’s well-being makes a big difference.
  • Limit exposure: Proper gear should be worn at all times, no matter if a job is inside or outside, in good weather or not so good weather. Having the right gear will help to reduce the effects of cold, heat, light and sun. Thick boots, insulated pants and coats, helmets and the right masks should be the basic items worn by all employees to ensure essential coverage.
  • Stay safe unloading equipment: There’s always the risk of equipment rolling over during loading or unloading. This is why it’s important to make sure all ramps are cleared and straight. Artisan contractors should make sure they allow plenty of room between themselves, their workers and the equipment in case of emergency, and always have a spotter there to ensure nothing is off-kilter.

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