Dec 17, 2020

Essential Tips for Janitors to Efficiently Manage Supplies

Like every industry, keeping track of inventory can limit supply loss and limit extra funds needed to replace lost equipment and resources. In the janitorial industry, staying on top of inventory supply management is more critical than ever since COVID-19 has put a strain on essential items, like cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, and more. Fortunately, there are several steps that janitors can take to limit loss and enhance inventory management. Preventing potential financial and supply loss can put janitorial companies in an excellent position to keep their finances in order and make room for other necessary purchases, like janitorial insurance coverage.

Here are some tips for janitors to efficiently manage supplies.

Expand Sourcing

Supply chain management is the business economy’s backbone. As a business, if a janitorial team sources all of its supplies from one place, a shutdown like we have seen throughout the year due to COVID-19 can turn into a major headache. At worst, this kind of kink in the system could seriously impact the ability to get the job done and may even damage the cleaning company’s overall business.

It may be worth it to spread out to receive supplies from various vendors. If more shutdowns are in order, then having a backup supplier always helps.

Inventory Tracking Software

If a team isn’t tracking its inventory, there’s no real way to keep up with its supply list, and it could end up costing them way more money than they realize. Without the right supplies, a janitorial team can’t do its job well. Without knowing what is on hand and what a team needs in an upcoming order, a team won’t know when or what they need to order.

Keeping up with inventory through advanced options, like effective software technology, can streamline ordering, keep track of what’s on hand, and predict what is needed in the coming days and weeks. Teams can even handle their budget for individual locations, which gives them an easy way to run inventory reports and find out how much income they can expect.

Stay Up to Date on Products

Customers of janitorial teams are counting on them to keep up with the latest products and research on limiting the coronavirus spread in their locations. The more teams understand what their clients and potential clients need when it comes to special cleaning considerations in the world of COVID-19, the more they can understand what kinds of products they should purchase.

Janitorial staff members don’t need to claim to know all the scientific specifics to be an authority on how certain cleaning products can inactivate a virus or other pathogens. Understanding what the client needs to keep their workspaces sanitized and covid-free is all that’s required. 

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