May 14, 2020

Cybersecurity Tactics to Employ During COVID-19

Category: Cyber

The potential for major Cyberattacks has risen sharply in the months since the COVID-19 outbreak spread from one part of the globe to the next. Every industry has become a target, including small businesses, tech companies, and Pharmaceutical companies. Hackers are utilizing ransomware and phishing tactics in their cyberattacks, disrupting supply chains and stealing sensitive information.

With the rising risk around cyberattacks, businesses need to be more diligent about their cybersecurity measures, investing the time and effort to meet the increased demands for IT support services. But even as companies are trying to keep up with the risks, there are certain cybersecurity tactics that can be used while COVID-19 lingers.

Improve Awareness and Education

Companies should ensure the C-suite consistently promotes awareness and education around cybersecurity and employees’ practice of safe cybersecurity behavior, especially during times like these. Raising awareness during this time is important because remote employees are often working with less cybersecurity protection than when they work in their typical office setting.

Strengthen Network Components

As firms have moved to network systems that support social distancing with remote work, key vulnerabilities have been introduced. Companies can strengthen their network components through a number of steps including:

  • Ensure remote workers are accessing company tools and resources using VPN.
  • Make sure that no remote desktop connections are in place. Rather, companies should use a remote viewing program.
  • Routinely monitor and audit email accounts and email rules, especially in cloud platforms.
  • Conduct cyber diagnostic assessments on a regular basis. This will result in finding weaknesses before cyberattacks take place.

Round the Clock Monitoring

It’s crucial to continually monitor, detect, and respond to all cyberattacks and related incidents, including any incidents relating to a company’s email system, network, software applications, artificial intelligence capabilities, automation, and data visualization tools. Companies can install this kind of software to look for any potentially dangerous actions or accounts that may try to infiltrate networks, whether remotely or in-house.

Plan for the Worst

Companies should establish incident response plans to cyberattacks by developing and testing a company-wide information system that quickly identifies, contains, and eradicates attacks. These plans should also help companies recover from cyberattacks, limiting the financial and reputational damage imposed by cyberattacks.

While there is still a lot to be determined in how COVID-19 will play out in terms of cybersecurity issues, companies can use this as an opportunity to strengthen their awareness and their network systems to ensure a better outcome following the end of the pandemic.

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