Jul 19, 2022

An Insurance Intermediary That Aligns With Your Values

Navigating the insurance industry isn’t always easy. Brokers have to deal with hardening markets, technological transformation and emerging risks. Aligning with the right organizations can make a huge difference but knowing which organizations to trust is the hard part. You need a partner that’s on your side, not focused on the agendas of various investors. Tangram is an independent, closely held entrepreneurial company, and in the insurance industry, this can be a game changer.

Responsible Growth

No relationship can flourish without trust, and that includes business and professional relationships. The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer warns that we are in a cycle of distrust. Only 60% of respondents trust businesses, and this is actually higher than the number of people who report trust in NGOs, government or media.

Some organizations may seem to focus on growth at any cost in order to appease investors. It can be hard to trust an organization when its decisions don’t align with values. As an independent company, Tangram is able to focus on responsible growth and value-based decision-making.

People over Profits

Most people believe that companies should prioritize purpose and people, but companies don’t always seem to do so. That’s what a McKinsey & Company survey suggests. According to the survey, 82% of respondents says it’s important for a company to have a purpose, and 72% say that purpose should receive more weight than profit. However, only 42% of respondents believe their organization’s purpose statements drive impact.

At Tangram, we operate on the belief that our partners and clients must benefit from every strategic decision we make. When we build a program or hire an employee, we consider how the move will impact the people who depend on us.

Tangram is also dedicated to philanthropy and donates roughly 10% of annual profits to charity.

Capturing Talent

Organizations are only as good as the people who power them. A toxic work environment can drive out the best workers, creating a downward spiral of negativity, while a healthy work environment supports attracts strong workers and helps both the workers and the company succeed.

Tangram is dedicated to attracting and retaining talent that’s looking to make a difference and drive their own destiny. Our retention rates show our success – roughly 30% of our employees have been with us for five or more years.

As an independent company, we value the autonomy and freedom of our employees, and we give them the room they need to be innovative. We also offer a strong benefits package and a vibrant work culture where people take pride in what they do. We want our workers to thrive, and that requires a healthy work-life balance. People are more than numbers and profits at Tangram.

Calculated Risks

Not all innovations pan out. By refusing to take chances of new innovations, organizations can avoid the possibility of failure, but the cost is stagnation. That’s a price we’re not willing to pay.

At Tangram, we value creation and creativity. We have big goals, and because we’re privately held, we can work toward these goals without worrying about interference from outside stakeholders. Risk and experimentation lead to innovation, and we can learn from mistakes and try again when things don’t go exactly as planned.

True Mobility

In theory, a large company should have room for upward mobility, but this isn’t how it always plays out. Individual workers can get stuck in roles, and one department may never see what another department is doing. As a result, workers may end up trapped in one lane, without the freedom needed to explore other paths within the company.

Tangram is different. We’re set up in a way that allows our team members to see all corners of the organization. Because we’re not restrained by cookie-cutter roles, true mobility is possible.

The Tangram Difference

Tangram is a full-service Managing General Underwriter and Program Manager offering specialty programs. As an independent company, we don’t need to worry about what investors might think, so we can focus on treating our workers, brokers and clients right. Instead of being purely driven by profit, we can strike a balance that values people and purpose. Learn more.