5 Key Safety Topics for Transportation Companies

Working in the transportation industry comes with plenty of risks and liabilities due to the various safety hazards of being behind the wheel. From driving buses to commercial freight trucks to shuttles, there’s no shortage of safety issues that come with working in transportation.

Transportation safety topics should be related to any issues that drivers are likely to face when they’re on the road. Here are some key safety topics that transportation companies need to discuss and convey to their employees to ensure their well-being as well as protect others on the road.

1. Inspecting the Vehicles

Before a truck goes out for a long haul or a bus needs to start its route, it’s a good rule of thumb to make sure the vehicle is in fine working condition. The standards should be strict too. If a pre-trip inspection isn’t carried out it can lead to breakdowns or accidents, causing some form of harm. Drivers should be informed that a pre-trip inspection doesn’t have to take too long and can help to spot any issues that can be tended to.

2. Speed Limit

While sticking to a schedule and getting freight and passengers where they need to be at a certain time is important, it’s also more important to make sure safety is conveyed through the speed limit. Trucks and buses are massive vehicles and can take a long time and a lot of effort to slow down or stop. Driving at high speeds can lead to safety issues if you have to suddenly stop or avoid something on the road.

3. Transportation Insurance Coverage

Transportation insurance is a key component of any transportation company looking to keep their drivers, their fleet of vehicles, their cargo, and the general public safe. A transportation insurance company should be able to supply the right information needed to discuss what’s at stake when it comes to not being insured and the legal and financial fallout that comes from that. Not every risk can be avoided on the road and when claims are made it’s important to have the right coverage to keep everyone safe and supplied.

4. Fatigue and Driver Health

These two areas of driver safety as more prevalent among long haul truckers who have to be behind the wheel for long hours and multiple days, back to back. This can lead to fatigue and mental drainage, which can then, in turn, lead to lack of focus and attention, resulting in possible physical harm to others. Plus, trucking professionals are known to stick to easy yet poor diets due to limited options on the road. Transportation companies should discuss how it is important to be alert, well-rested, and well-fed to stay focused to ensure the integrity of the health of everyone around a driver.

5. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving isn’t just affecting the general driving public with things like texting, taking selfies or checking social media updates while in traffic. Drivers of buses, taxis, and trucks are partaking in these things too as well as having to already deal with different distractions on the road. Drivers should employ hands-free technology to take care of communications, but should still wait until they are stopped to handle calls and emails.

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