Artisan Contractor General Liability Insurance

Artisan Contractor
General Liability

This program is designed specially for the artisan contractor involved in a variety of trades. Tangram entertains all size contractors in the commercial and residential space. And with broad coverage and competitive pricing, there is no better place for your artisan contractor business.


This program works with a narrow group of wholesale agents that specialize in the construction industry. Tangram has partnered with these agents because of their knowledge around contractor exposures, the construction marketplace and Tangram�s competitive insurance offering. To gain access to our program through an appointed Tangram wholesaler, please contact a member of our team.

Insurance Company

AM Best A XI rated (Excellent)

Lines of coverage

  • Mono-line General Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability

Premium Audit

There is no minimum premium earned at audit. This means your Insured’s policy is 100% auditable, which could greatly benefit them in today’s challenging economy.

Just a few highlights from our program

  • Entertain commercial and residential contractors
  • Will look at accounts with up to 50% sub-contracting costs
  • Blanket Additional Insured coverage via CG 20 33 & Completed Operations
    via CG 20 37
  • Primary and non-contributory wording
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  • Favorable Sub-Contractor Warranty
  • Per Project Aggregate Available (up to policy cap of $5M)
  • No Prior Works Exclusion
  • No Subsidence Exclusion
  • No Sunset or Manifestation Clauses No Broker Fees
  • Flexible and competitive pricing
  • Minimum premium: $3,000
  • Policy Issued Within 48 Hours

Ineligible Exposures

  • Sub costs above 50% - NOTE
    FOR GC's
  • Roofing, foundation or
    demolition work
  • Height exposure over 3 stories
    or 36'
  • Depth below 6'
  • Bridge, road, highway or structural work (class A license)

Claims Handling

In-house claims handling and reporting services with online, fax and telephone reporting options.

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Agents & Brokers

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Submissions Include:

Complete Acord Application
Contractor Supplemental
5 years currently value loss runs
Resume for new ventures

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Business Development Manager
Western Region

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VP Business Development
Eastern Region

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Business Development Manager
Southeast Region

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